Our Parade of Homes got a facelift!

  • 4 months ago

We have recently improved the Parade of Homes into an “online only” publication. This will increase the number of Parades we are able to create per year, making all information as current and accurate as possible. To stay up to date with all our new Parade of Homes, be sure to join our mailing list using the sign-up sheet! Click here- http://eepurl.com/iitcgr

What is it? The Parade of Homes is a publication to showcase homes in the area, as well as other local/office news and began to be exclusively published by Latah Realty 10+ years ago.

How often are new editions released? We will start releasing publications via email every month, as well as quarterly.

What content is included? The Parade of Homes features homes for sale, Latah Realty agents and office staff, listing highlights, tips & tricks, market updates, etc. We also feature local businesses and events to give an idea what life is like in Latah County.

Where can I get a copy? You can print a copy of our Parade of Homes on our website at https://latahrealty.com/parade-of-homes/ or, if you’ve signed up to be on our mailing list, it will go straight to your inbox every month!

How can your house be featured? The only way your home can be featured in the publication
is to have it listed with an agent at Latah Realty.

When is the next edition coming out? Every month! Be on the lookout!

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