Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips – Don’t

Don’t do anything that will affect your credit. When you get ready to buy a new home, you want stability in your finances. No new major purchases, INCLUDING CREDIT CARD PURCHASES, during this time unless you’ve talked through it with your lender. Don’t drain your bank account.

Don’t change jobs, even if it’s for a better or higher paying job. Again, discuss this with your lender before you seriously consider it if you’re planning on buying a home.

Don’t make large bank deposits that are out of the ordinary, they can be red flags. Again, stability in your finances is the key.

Helpful Tips – Do

Do keep paying all of your normal bills, as usual. Also, it is okay to make regular purchases (i.e. food), no need to starve!

Do make sure you are committed to purchasing the property. The inspection is your time to make sure that there’s absolutely nothing that will change your mind about buying the home. If you have doubts for any reason about the property or the transaction, this is the time to explore them and make sure ALL of your questions are answered before proceeding further.

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