Latah Realty’s Mission

  • 3 years ago

Latah Realty’s mission is, “to provide the highest quality expert real estate advice and service to our clients and customers while maintaining the utmost in ethical and professional standards.”

Ethical and Professional Standards
Our real estate agents have practiced in the real estate field for a combined total of 144 years. This means they are well versed in handling the many situations that can arise when completing a transaction. They have worked with many types of people and personalities, which is one of the reason’s our agents love the real estate business!

Latah Realty agents know the ins and outs of the business and are experienced in the legal and ethical practices it requires to assist their clients. They observe respect for their licenses, and many of our agents have completed additional education and licensing. Some agents have their broker license (which requires additional training and education) or university degrees ranging from advertising to public relations.

Real estate language can be tricky, and some transactions are more difficult to navigate than others. Having an experienced agent who can explain, not only the process of a transaction, but also contract language is very helpful. Our agent’s advocate for their clients and are there to work for them until the transaction has been completed. This is one of the many reasons Latah Realty clients come back time and time again.

Expert Advice
It is no question that each transaction is different and requires different skill sets. The Latah Realty team understands this and work with and lean on each other to solve problems and ask for advice.

The agents at Latah Realty have high standards and work hard to ensure their clients get the results they need.

The culture at Latah Realty can be summarized in two words: hustle and heart. There is constant movement everywhere. Whether it is a new project taken on by our social media manager, or agents heading out to look at land for a new listing, or phone calls out to title companies to set up closings- there is always much to be done and our agents are passionate about getting the work done quickly and efficiently.

The entire Latah Realty team supports one another as best they can inside and outside of the office. They are each other’s biggest cheerleaders!

Not only do our agents know how to put in the work, but they also put time into many hobbies outside of the office as well. From baking cupcakes to playing in bands to putting in time with city committees to contributing annually to charities or local organizations.

Serving is also a staple of the culture at Latah Realty. Latah Realty allots funds for each agent to use every year on either marketing or charity, and many of our agents make it a point to contribute to local charities and non-profit organizations.

Designated Broker and Co-Owner Sean Wilson said, “Latah Realty has a 40-year heritage that was successfully built and continues to this day upon the values of superior knowledge, hard work, and customer service.”

The heart of it all is that Latah Realty loves to see their clients and community thrive!

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