Relocating to Moscow, Idaho

Northern Idaho has something to offer everyone. Moscow is the largest town in Latah County, surrounded by Potlatch, Viola, Genesee, Deary, Troy, Kendrick, Bovill and Juliaetta. These towns all provide their own charm and recreational opportunities- and Moscow is at the heart of it all!

Moscow has a population of about 25,700 people, according to the 2019 census. Although the population fluctuates due to students attending the University of Idaho about nine months out of the year.


Moscow’s weather either has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate or a dry-summer continental climate (Köppen climate classification system). This means there tend to be lower temperatures in the summer and colder temperatures in the winter and generally dry air as opposed to humid. Snow and rain are generally expected in the winter.


There are plenty of recreational activities to partake in throughout the year, regardless of the weather. The University of Idaho Arboretum takes visitors through a forest of trees and plants from different regions. The Moscow Farmer’s Market runs during the summer where local vendors set up shop all down Main St. In the colder months, the Winter Market is held indoors. Farmers, woodcrafters, artisan food and wine businesses, hand crafted jewelry and more are all available at the markets.

Agent Tanja Blue describes Moscow as, “friendly and charming small-town living.”

There are also many trails available for biking and hiking. Other attractions include the Prichard Art Gallery, the Palouse Ice Rink, and the Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center. Of course, these are just a few highlights.

Entertainment, entertainment in Moscow, ID

Along with recreation, entertainment is second to none in Northern Idaho. The prominent entertainment scene is largely due to the presence of the University of Idaho in Moscow. The annual Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival brings in people from all over the region. Young students fill the campus and music is heard almost everywhere on campus. Jazz fest also features dance performances and theater productions as well. Local coffee shops and bars also partake in the entertainment by giving space to local performers regularly. Moscow city also hosts an event called Art Walk every summer, which features art from around the region along Main St, with food and music all at no cost! Other highlights include yoga studios, the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre, and the annual Latah County Fair.

Agent Angela Carpenter said, “I love the diversity that Moscow offers, both in the type of people that live here and also in the type of lifestyle choices there are. There’s so much to do and enjoy the more you get to know the area and community.”


Some may think that it is only large cities that offer a variety of dining options. When it comes to Moscow, nothing could be further from the truth! Just one walk down Main Street will provide enough options to count on two hands. Maialina’s Pizzeria Napoletana is a great classic Italian option that serves brick fired pizza. Just down the street Palouse Juice offers acai bowls and refreshing smoothies. Next door houses La Casa Lopez, which features many delicious Mexican classics. Moscow is especially known for their brunch options. The Breakfast Club and Bloom Café are popular options and they tend to fill up with people quite quickly, especially on the weekends. These two options include hybrids of breakfast classics like a French toast egg benedict and lighter options like egg frittatas. From classic American burgers and fries to Greek gyros, and Bangladeshi cuisine to Peruvian dishes- there is certainly something for everyone.

Latah Realty agent Misty Curry said, “our downtown has grown so much with locally owned businesses!”

Not only are there many food options, but Moscow also features plenty coffee shops and wine shops and taphouses. These are just a few highlights out of the many options Moscow has to offer.

University of Idaho

Moscow would not be the same without the University of Idaho. The university culture brings a vibrance to the community along with the new students that arrive every year. There is a fun spirit and nostalgia that lives in Moscow as students cycle in and out and become alumni and come back to visit for sports and family or simply to reminisce at their college experience. Some students use their education to contribute back to the Moscow community through projects and involvement in clubs and organizations, and others decide to enter the work force here and stick around after graduation.

Moscow is a steppingstone for some, and a life-long home for others. Either way, time spent here is never wasted. For those interested in making Moscow their home, we can help!

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