The Most Bang for Your Buck: Home DIYs

If you are renovating your home (or parts of it) to create a better living environment, and not with the intent to sell, then you will want to consider your budget and what is most important to have in your home.

Buying Vacant Land in Idaho

Idaho is a wonderful area to buy vacant land! The rolling hills and gorgeous views for miles around make land in Idaho a precious commodity. There is a lot you can do with a parcel of land, and here a few things to consider before buying.

Guide to Loans and Mortgages

One of the first steps to buying a home is securing a loan or mortgage, and there is a difference between the two! A mortgage is a type of loan.

FAQ for First Time Homebuyer’s

If you are a first-time home buyer, all the steps of buying a home can be overwhelming. Here we have broken it down to better help you understand the process.

How I Became a Real Estate Agent

Darcy Anderson is a broker and REALTOR® at Latah Realty. She has been practicing real estate for nearly 15 years now after getting licensed in January of 2006. Anderson took over as a co-owner of Latah Realty over 10 years ago and continues to work hard to live up to Gary Tribble, the founder of Latah Realty, and his legacy. Anderson is a life-long resident of Latah County, and currently lives in Moscow,...

Homeowner’s Associations FAQ

When looking to buy a house, you might see the term homeowner’s association or HOA. A homeowner’s association is a self-governed neighborhood organization that usually helps with general upkeep of a neighborhood as well as sets standards of behavior. Although this is the general purpose of an HOA, they vary locally. Usually, HOAs are run by an elected board of volunteers that will meet...

The History of Latah Realty

The history of Latah Realty is a wonderful example of the true American dream. It all started with one self-taught man passionate about real estate and interested in helping others! Gary Tribble Gary Tribble is the founder of Latah Realty, which has been running successfully for 39 years. Before becoming a REALTOR®, Tribble constructed the first condominiums in Moscow, which are located about three blocks...

Spruce Up Your Lawn for Spring

Spring is right around the corner! The official date of the first day of spring is March 20th.  After the long winter months in northern Idaho, it might be time to freshen up your lawn! Once the sun comes out, there is almost nothing better than having a lush lawn to relax on. Although it takes some effort, the outcome just might be worth it. Here is a checklist of tasks to consider when cleaning up your...

Buyer’s Market Vs. Seller’s Market

When entering the real estate world as a buyer or seller, it is always helpful to have more information. Information about the local market can help you decide whether it is the right time to buy or sell. A common term in the real estate business is “buyer’s market” or a “seller’s market.” Both terms revolve around the idea of supply and demand. Buyer’s Market In a buyer’s market, there is...

What Sets Us Apart from The Competition

Full-time, Full Speed One common belief in the real estate world is there is no such thing as weekends! Latah Realty agents know this well. Real estate agents do not work a typical 9 to 5, Monday through Friday job. Our agents are clocked in as often as they can be. There is constant hustle and bustle throughout the office. On days when the office is quiet, it is only because the agents are working from...

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